About us

By the Youth, For the Youth, to Empower the Youth

At Uplift, we know that every person is at a different place with their faith, and we strive to help you find, create, nurture, and sustain a healthy and meaningful relationship with God.

Uplift is led by the youth and has a council that consists of five students, all in high school and college. Our goal is to create an environment in which we would love to be, a space to learn more about Islam and the lessons and stories it offers, implement its teachings through acts of service, and simply love our faith.

Uplift facilitates events that fall under three categories:

  • Social - Uplifts holds social events throughout the year so Muslim youth can get to know and develop meaningful relationships with other youth. We want the Muslim youth to develop a strong sense of community with the goal of creating more unified Ummah.

  • Spiritual - Uplift holds spiritual events throughout the year so the Muslim youth can establish a better connection with God that can be more in touch with everyday life. Our spiritual events are designed for youth regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey- whether they have little to no connection, want to build a connection, or want to maintain a strong connection with their Lord.

  • Service - Uplift organizes service events throughout the year so our Muslim youth can better connect with their community and give back to those who have been less fortunate in their lives than we have been. Our service events take place throughout the year and often have limited capacity, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!